Gifts for the Foodie On Your List

Nambe Curvo Spoon Rest  

Spoon Rest

Solve one of the kitchen’s most frustrating kitchen problems: Where do I put this dirty spoon I’m using to stir sauce with?!


Chemex Wood Collar Glass Coffee Maker


It’s not just elegant looking. It also creates three to ten cups of slowly brewed, delicious, pour-over coffee.   




What a great idea! A wine by the glass subscription box. If you love it, upgrade to a full bottle. If you don’t, it’s only one glass wasted.

Gormia Air Fryer

Air Fryer

A game changer if you like to fried or crispy food at home but dislike the mess and unhealthy aspect.




Gifts for the Tech Collector



Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Bluetooth Tracking

Is there someone on your list that misplaces their phone or wallet? This tag allows the carrier to track phone, wallet, keys and more!


Philips Sunrise and Sunset Alarm Clock


Even if it’s cloudy and grey when your alarm goes off, you’ll still wake up to a beautiful sunrise hue with this innovation and attractive looking alarm clock.


Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Looking for the perfect gift for a tech and music lover who appreciates nostalgia, but loves the digital age? This pick is a must.  


Native Union Night Cable


Never fuss with a short or tangled cord again with this weighted, 10-foot  charging cable. With its modern design, it feels like a piece of home decor.   


Gifts for the Traveler On Your List




Saje Pocket Farmacy Essential Oil Blend Set

Travel Essential Oil

Packed with five essential oils for stress, colds and more. This convenient set ensures the traveler on your list will be relaxed and healthy.


Try the World

Try the world box

The perfect subscription box for those on your list who love exploring foods from different countries. The box is a curated selection of ingredients to cook with, drinks and snacks from around the world.


Gifts for the Outdoor Lover on Your List


Solar Lantern + Phone Charger

LuminAid light

This two in one gift is a must have for anyone on your list who enjoys adventuring in the outdoors. And, no need for batteries because it’s solar powered!


Outdoor Mini Espresso Set

Mini Espresso

Who says you have to sacrifice good coffee if you’re camping? This set packs small, is lightweight and makes the perfect serving of espresso.. Anywhere.



Gifts for the Teen + Young Adult On Your List



Terra Create

terra create

A fun and creative box that’s gender neutral and takes the planning, shopping and prep-work out of crafting.



College Crate

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 8.17.13 AM

Have someone on your list who’s getting ready to go away for college? This monthly box will give me a little love from home each and every month!


50 States Traveled Journal

50 States Journal

If there’s a teen on your list who travels with family or alone, this fun journal allows them to document their journeys with favorite spots, best meal and funniest moments.  


Gifts for the Kiddos On Your List


Think Outside the Box


Trying to get kids away from TVs and phones is easy with this monthly box. They’ll receive goodies that encourage them to get outside and explore.


Candy Chemistry


The kiddo on your list might not quite be interested in science, but chances are they like candy. This awesome educational gift isn’t only fun, but it also incorporates STEM learning.

Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox 


Sandboxes can take up a lot of space and create a bit of a mess, but not with this smart invention. Kids and parents alike will love this fun toy.