Coming in at the number five spot on my list for personal growth is staying humble. 

I looked at several definitions for the word “humble,” and here’s what I found: 

      1. Proud or haughty (I had to look up haughty… FYI)  
      2. Not arrogant or assertive 
      3. Not a know-it-all

The word “assertive” in number two struck me. Assertiveness is important, but arrogance is not. As I said in my first post in this series, don’t confuse arrogance with confidence. 

So, my advice is to stay assertive and confident while also remaining humble. But avoid being arrogant. Here’s the difference: 

    • Arrogance is “knowing” everything and making sure others know it too. Confidence is admitting what you don’t know. 
    • Arrogance is fighting to prove a point to be “right.” Confidence is listening to and learning from others. 
    • Arrogance is being all about yourself and ignoring the view or thoughts of others. Confidence is letting other people shine and giving them credit and praise. 
    • Arrogance is demeaning others and bragging about your accomplishments. Confidence is not acting superior and respecting others.  

The next time you’re in a group setting, walk in with your shoulders back, your head held high and be genuinely interested in those around you. That in itself will make others interested in you. 

Stay humble. Life is good. – Jeff 

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